Jim Binch

Jim is a senior operating partner and advisor to V&A Capital and is also CEO of Q-Tran Inc, a manufacturer of innovative LED products. Prior to this, Jim was Managing Director of Lincolnshire Management. He currently sits on the Board of V&A portfolio companies Precision Kidd Steel Co, Inc., Federal Steel Supply LLC and SinterMet LLC, as well as, Nursery Supplies, Inc. and True Temper Sports. He was formerly Lead Director and Audit Committee Chair at Exactech, Inc., which was acquired by TPG Capital for $737 million in 2017.

Prior to joining Lincolnshire in 2007, Jim was President and CEO of Memry Corporation, a publicly traded medical component manufacturer, for nearly fifteen years. Previously, Jim was an operating group executive with Combustion Engineering and then founded a boutique merchant bank. He started his career with Cresap, McCormick & Paget Inc., a general management consulting firm.

Jim is a graduate of Princeton University, cum laude (B.Sc.E) and the Wharton School, magna cum laude (M.B.A.).

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