Jim Binch

Jim is a senior operating partner and advisor to V&A Capital and is also CEO of Q-Tran Inc, a manufacturer of innovative LED products.

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Chuck Mills

Chuck has over 20 years of private equity investment experience, including 17 years at Lincolnshire Management, a $1.7 billion private equity firm based in New York.

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Nirav Amin

Nirav is a Partner at V&A Capital. He has over 15 years of experience in managing and operating and advising mid-size businesses, as well as in investing, accounting, tax and finance.

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Nicolò Vergani

Nicolò founded V&A Capital in 2013. He has over 18 years experience at top-tier private equity funds and law firms. Prior to V&A, Nicolò spent 10 years at Lincolnshire Management.

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