V&A Capital is a New York-based private equity firm focused on investing in US lower middle market companies operating primarily in the manufacturing and distribution spaces.

About V&A Capital

We invest in positive cash flow niche businesses that:

  • Are transitioning from owner-operated companies or experiencing management changes.
  • Are experiencing temporary financial or operational performance challenges.
  • Have lower than average gross margins but are trending positively.
  • Have an element of cyclicality but are niche leaders in their market segments.
  • Have potential legacy liabilities such as pension or other post-employment benefits.
  • Serve end-markets that are out of favor in the mainstream investor community.

V&A focuses on companies that have an element of complexity often related to management or owner transitions, carve outs from larger organizations, or discrete operational challenges but are otherwise niche leaders within their markets with positive cash flow.


Precision Kidd Steel Refinances Its Credit Facility

V&A Capital is pleased to announce that it has refinanced the credit facility of its portfolio company, Precision Kidd Steel, Co. Inc. (“PK”), a leading manufacturer of precision engineered, high-quality cold-drawn steel bar, wire and special shapes. Learn More >


Jim Binch Joins V&A Capital as a Senior Operating Partner

V&A Capital is proud to announce that Jim Binch has joined the firm as a Senior Operating Partner.  Jim will be an integral part of advising and monitoring operational improvement projects and growth initiatives at portfolio companies, as well as reviewing investment opportunities at V&A. Learn More >


V&A Capital Acquires SinterMet LLC

V&A Capital (“V&A”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the management team of SinterMet LLC (“SM” or the “Company”) to acquire the Company. Learn More >


V&A Capital Acquires Federal Steel Supply

V&A Capital (“V&A”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the management team of Federal Steel Supply (“FSS” or the “Company”) to acquire the Company from its founders. Learn More >


V&A Capital Hires Experienced Managing Director, Chuck Mills

V&A Capital is proud to announce that it has hired Chuck Mills as Managing Director.  Chuck will be based in V&A’s New York office and will be an integral part of originating, executing and monitoring investments. Learn More >


V&A Capital Opens Chicago Office

V&A Capital is proud to announce the opening of its Chicago Office.  Nirav Amin, Partner at V&A, will oversee the new location and will look to build relationships with investment bankers, business owners, lenders and investors. Learn More >


V&A Capital Acquires Precision Kidd Steel

V&A Capital, a New York based private equity firm, is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of the century-old, family-owned Precision Kidd Steel Co., Inc. a leading Pittsburgh-based producer of precision engineered high-quality, cold-drawn steel bar, wire and special profile shapes. Learn More >


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